A Valley Kid’s Guide to: Brunch

No posts since July 1st?! Trust me, I hate myself just as much as the rest of you do HAHAHA. All jokes aside, I’ve been really busy with school, work, Kappa, and tbh, the funds for TFM were running pretty low due to festival and convention season. But I figured with my 1 year anniversary for Total Foodie Move coming up, I should probably get something up for this half of the year!

So here are some of my fave go-to Brunch spots in the good ol’ San Fernando Valley!


Joe’s Cafe


Located on Zelzah and Chatsworth.

Joe’s Cafe has to be my #1, all-time-favorite, go-to Brunch spot in the Valley. Actually, it’d trump any other Brunch spots I ever visit. However, the one downside is the tragic wait. But I’ll get to that later. Joe’s Cafe is a bit of a hole in the wall along Chatsworth Street and can be easily missed. It used to be located in an extremely tiny restaurant, but they have since bought out their neighbor and revamped it to fit the Joe’s Cafe vibe. Now with a bigger set up and the capacity to seat more people… the wait is still pretty long. Joe’s isn’t popular for no reason. Joe, himself, cooks up every entree and ensures everything is up to par, so that goes without saying that everything is absolutely delicious.

My favorite item on the menu is the Croissant Sandwich ($7.99) containing bacon, a fried egg, and Gouda cheese all in a buttery croissant. When I don’t make it for breakfast however, I’ll go for the Waffle with a side of bacon. Joe’s serves every meal with their signature bread and homemade jams. Despite having to wait nearly 45 minutes to an hour, I’ll still dub Joe’s Cafe my favorite Brunch spot because of the quality of the food.

Parking can be found in the back alley, on Chatsworth, and in the neighborhood.

Blu Jam Cafe


Located on Mulholland in Woodland Hills, close to the Calabasas Commons.

Blu Jam definitely has to be my second favorite considering I’ve been there more than 4 times this year… which is a lot more than I visit any other eatery tbh. Blu Jam has various locations, though the one I visit is located in Woodland Hills as it is closer to me, such as one in Sherman Oaks, on Melrose, and so on. Blu Jam is an extremely family friendly place so you can definitely come here for a quaint family brunch to celebrate a birthday or just to take your mom out.

My go-to here is the Blu Jam Benedict ($14) and the Crunchy French Toast ($14). I typically order the Benedict for myself and split the French Toast with whoever I’m with. The French Toast is a must-try as it is rolled in cereal flakes and served with vanilla syrup and berries on top. It, however, is too sweet for me to eat all in one sitting and that is why I insist on sharing.

Parking is super easy here, which is mostly why I prefer going to this location rather than the Ventura or Melrose location. And it’s super close to the Commons, so you can take a stroll and window shop if that’s what tickles your fancy.

Bea Bea’s

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Located on Pass Ave. and Oak St. in Burbank.

Despite only paying Bea Bea’s a visit once, the experience I had there still resonates well with me. I recall there being a long line and wait for brunch on a Sunday afternoon, but we probably waited for 30 minutes before we were seated (despite being told it’d be 45 minutes to an hour). Bea Bea’s is located in a shopping center which makes parking pretty easy, unless you’re going during Holiday season when everyone decides to do last minute grocery shopping. Aside from that, you should be fine.

The Green Tea Monster ($11.50), Strawberry Dream ($10.95), and Eggs Benedict ($12.95) were delicious from what I remember and the service was impeccable. Servers and runners constantly check up on you in case you need something, which can be bothersome for some, but I personally am a fan of it. It shows they care, you know? HAHAHAH. I’ve been meaning to go back but Burbank is a little far from my neck of the valley but if you live in the area, it’s definitely worth a try.

Belgium Waffle Haus


Located on Chatsworth St. and Lindley Ave. in Granada Hills.

The Belgium Waffle Haus in G. Hills quickly became one of those eateries that got hyped up fast because it was new but then it’s popularity slowly faded away as people started to try it. There’s nothing wrong with the food, coming from me, personally. It’s the price range.

The Sweet Waffles are fairly reasonably priced ranging from anywhere between $6-$10. Whereas Savory waffles begin around $13 or more. The first time I came in, I got the Fruity Waffle (bottom left) and it wasn’t too bad but it just tasted a little bland for me and wasn’t worth what it cost. The second time, I came in, I got a prosciutto sandwich which cost me around $15 and I got a green tea boba as well, and in the end my total came out to $21+. I probably could’ve gone without the boba, which the balls did not taste good by the way but the tea itself tasted pretty good. The prosciutto sandwich was delicious and I’d definitely come back for it, but maybe if I’m really feeling like a baller because it was a pretty expensive sandwich.

The reason this place even makes the list is because when Joe’s is packed and I’m not in the mood to drive all the way to Blu Jam or Bea Bea’s, I’ll settle for this place. This place has both sweet and savory options which I think is important in a good brunch place, because sometimes people don’t want a plate of salt or a plate of sugar like their friend does, so it’s nice to see the variety.

And so that concludes my shpeal about Valley brunch spots!

Happy food hunting 🙂

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