Can I have SomiSomi?

Is there such thing as love at first bite?

Even just thinking about it, brings me joy. This weekend I paid SomiSomi, a new dessert spot in Koreatown that opened up, a visit. Just looking at it, I was worried it’d be one of those ‘looks pretty, but tastes shitty’ experiences.

First things first, SomiSomi is located in a small plaza/shopping center located on Western Ave. It’s in the same plaza as Chocolate Chair (the Dragon’s Breath place). It’s more so a glass enclosed kiosk on the 2nd floor between Curry House and Sul & Beans (a bingsoo place I’ve still been wanting to try). You can park in the parking structure and if you get your ticket validated, you get 2 hours free for parking.

You can choose from Green Tea, Milk, Chocolate, Banana, Milk + Green Tea swirl, or Chocolate + Banana swirl. As well as a filling at the bottom which you can choose from Red Bean, Custard, and Nutella. As well, you can choose from four toppings that you can get for no additional cost: sprinkles, oreo crumbles, fruity pebbles, and graham crackers. I chose a Green Tea + Milk swirl, with Nutella at the bottom, and sprinkles, oreo crumbles, and fruity pebbles as my toppings. Each ah-boong (the term used to refer to the Korean street food it is modeled after) is finally topped with a strawberry and marshmallow skewer. Without toppings included in the price, my ah-boong was only $5.95. I’ve paid a lot more money for shittier ice cream, so this is well-worth your money.

Each ah-boong is extremely neatly presented as far as the swirls and the toppings go (DO IT FOR THE AESTHETIC). The quality of the soft serve is honestly unbelievable. It is creamy and doesn’t melt on you within 5 seconds of getting it. As well, the pastry it comes with is super sturdy and doesn’t get all soft and breakable after a few minutes. I definitely could take my time eating it without making a frickin mess of myself. I kept muttering how upset I was about how good it was. I literally had never tried such delicious green tea soft serve. Every place I’ve gotten green tea soft serve, it’s either too melty or too icy BUT THIS WAS PERFECT. I honestly want to come here every time I go to ktown.

10/10 would recommend, honestly. I’ll be coming back often… if not for the ah-boong, probably just the ice cream HAHAH.

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