screw flowers, get me an ice cream bouquet.


ain’t it beautiful? flower bouquets, vegetable bouquets, chocolate bouquets CANCELED!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ICE CREAM BOUQUET!

this delicate masterpiece is the talk of the town at Gresescent Ice Cream in DTLA. It’s super new but been all over Instagram since their opening.

Gresescent is located on Olive St. between W. 8th and 9th St. I’ll tell you now, don’t come on a weekend unless you’re prepared to wait in a long line and possibly have to park in a $6 lot. I was lucky enough to find a spot right in front and we managed to beat the line as well, but Gresescent allows customers to sample as many ice cream flavors (there are about 10 different flavors to choose from) as they want. So if you’re not a patient person, this may not be your cup of tea. Some people behind us in line ended up leaving because they couldn’t wait any longer. I’m not sure if they change the ice cream flavors every once in a while, but these aren’t your typical vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors.

An ice cream bouquet is $9 and it comes with 10 scoops (basically .90 a scoop). You are allowed to pick 5 ice cream flavors, so you’re given 2 scoops of each flavor. Vivian and I shared, so $9 for a shared ice cream with 10 scoops didn’t seem like a bad bet. Out of the various flavors they had we chose the Strawberry Jam, Lemon Bar, Vanilla Bean Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel Buttercake, and Genmai Cha (essentially Green Tea) for our scoops. We were each able to have our own scoop of each flavor and I think that 5 little scoops a person was enough for us two.

I honestly would recommend it to anyone looking for a cute, trendy ice cream adventure! The quality of the ice cream is amazing as well as the customer service! There aren’t a lot of places to sit and eat aside from the benches outside, so keep that in mind as well. Happy foodie hunting~

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