finals n coffee shops

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stop two on the ‘coffee shop aesthetic’ tour~

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A Valley Kid’s Guide to: Brunch

No posts since July 1st?! Trust me, I hate myself just as much as the rest of you do HAHAHA. All jokes aside, I’ve been really busy with school, work, Kappa, and tbh, the funds for TFM were running pretty low due to festival and convention season. But I figured with my 1 year anniversary for Total Foodie Move coming up, I should probably get something up for this half of the year!

So here are some of my fave go-to Brunch spots in the good ol’ San Fernando Valley!

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LONG TIME NO BLOG POST. Given how busy I’ve been with the semester starting up again, becoming active in my sorority again, but as well as getting deathly ill, there hasn’t been much opportunity to go out and adventure. This past weekend I was, however, able to go out on a short hike. This little trail called the Topanga Overlook, located in the canyons, provided a bit of exercise and great bonding time for our little group.

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what happens in SD…


I spent my 21st birthday in San Diego this weekend and I’ve gotta say it was one of the most fun nights I’ve had. There were so many places we wanted to go, but alas, not enough time 😥 I did get the opportunity to visit a few spots I’ve been wanting to try though!

Better Buzz Coffee in Point Loma is as good as it is trendy. Literally down the street from the hotel, we got the opportunity to pay this place a visit. Being the lactard and anti-coffee person I am, I ordered a soy Chai latte for about $4.50. In my head I was like, I’m sure it’ll taste how any other chai latte would, BUT OMG. IT WAS SO GOOD. EVEN FOR JUST A SOY CHAI. Everyone else got things like the Vanilla Buzz and frappes, and even those were good enough for my anti-coffee tastebuds.

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