the Huntington Library

This beautiful place is called the Huntington Library located in San Marino county (very close to Arcadia). The Huntington Library is comprised of many different gardens, each with a distinct feel. This particular garden, the Japanese garden just so happened to be my favorite so that’s where most of my pictures were taken. The entire area is so beautiful it honestly might be my future wedding location… not even kidding.

General admission is $23 on weekdays and $25 on weekends, with a student ID, weekday admission is $19 and weekends is $21 SO BRING AN ID. If you go on the first Thursday of every month and get tickets in advance, you can go for free!

I highly recommend visiting this place if you just wanna have a cute, quiet, relaxing day. Honestly, words can’t describe it’s beauty and the positive, relaxing vibe you get from this place. You just have to experience it yourself! You can also bring food into the garden so you can save money and enjoy a quaint picnic.

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