Rooftop brunch in a greenhouse? Down.

Last weekend in the midst of prepping for finals week, being sick, and finally having a day off from work, I had the opportunity to finally visit the Commissary at the Line Hotel for brunch. I had looked into rooftop brunches in the past before–someday hoping to attain that perfect Saturday brunch with mimosa in hand picture… but I guess that’ll have to wait until I’m 21. The Line Hotel is located in the heart of LA’s Koreatown on Wilshire Blvd. It’s a popular place for today’s trendy Asian fashion bloggers (EllenVLora, Flamcis, Dumbfoundead, etc.) to socialize at night with other fellow ~trendy asians~.

But during the day, it’s a quaint place to grab a bite to eat. The Commissary is located on the second floor of the hotel, and if you looked at the pictures, it’s inside a greenhouse! It’s every aesthetic Instagrammer’s dream. There is an indoor and outdoor seating option. We reserved ahead of time and just opted for whatever table came first. We were seated at an inside table for three. There were communal tables… aka, sit with a bunch of random strangers, but it’s chill, we’re all here for the same thing. There were a lot of business meetings going on nearby–not like uptight, suited-up type… but stylists getting together and collaborating.

We ordered the Brioche Eggs Benedict, the Chorizo & Eggs, and the Breakfast sandwich. I can honestly say all three were delicious. We each shared each other’s dishes because we were just gonna end up with three Eggs Benedict dishes if we hadn’t. My friend Jennifer had visited the Commissary a week before and said the food was “alright”, but I found it to my liking! So I was either really hungry, my food standards are really low, or the food was just extra good that day. If you don’t mind driving around looking for parking on the busy streets of the 213, go ahead and do so. Otherwise, the hotel provides valet for $10 for the first 3 hours with validation.

I’d definitely come back to bring my other friends to a trendy brunch location. And besides, nothing says “trendy” like having Esta (@beatsbyesta) sitting behind you at the communal table.


Til next time! Loyally, Kayla Balba

3 thoughts on “Rooftop brunch in a greenhouse? Down.

  1. Claire semen says:

    Kayla these posts are amazing!! SO comical interesting relatable informative as hell–u were born for this!!!! One suggestion, you could mention the price ranges of food eateries ?? Nonetheless keep rockin girl!;-) Love it


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