Escondido trickle

Okay, it’s actually called Escondido Falls, but by the time I had visited this trail in March, it was merely just a trickle impossible to even get on camera. Escondido Falls is located in Malibu, but when navigating, don’t trust Siri to get you there. She got us all confused and we drove onto a dirt path that wasn’t even meant for cars (eye roll emoji). Listen to what the people instruct on Yelp, and you’ll be good to go!

There is a lot you can park in but you have to go through a neighborhood to get to the trail itself. You can also follow this how-to on how to navigate the trail in case you get lost or confused. Not gonna lie, I already found myself pretty winded from just walking the hill to the trail, but it’s a good pre-workout I suppose. The hike itself wasn’t too bad, it was covered for a large portion of it (pictured top row, middle), and it was cloudy so it wasn’t too bad.

When we arrived at the “falls” it was a mere trickle at that point, but it could also be the season we had decided to visit. The grotto-ish area was really beautiful though, it was so lush and lively. You can attempt to climb up to the cliff area but it’s a little more dangerous and there can be a lot of debri/rockslide action. The swing obviously isn’t naturally a part of the trail, but it made for some super cute pics!

I’d actually recommend bringing a few snacks so you can eat and chill by the creek before you embark on the walk back. Can this California drought get it together so I can actually reward myself with a waterfall view?! Hehe.

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