Did someone say ‘Creamistry’?!

Followers of my Instagram already know that my love for ice cream literally knows no limits. None. Especially this ice cream shop in particular. Creamistry, at least the one I visited, is located 50 miles out from the SFV in the city of Rowland Heights. I had only heard a couple things about Creamistry, none particularly good nor bad, but I figured it was worth a try. Creamistry uses liquid nitrogen in order to make their ice cream and attracts quite the crowd in the evening until their late closing hours.

I’ve visited about 2-3 times now and every single time, I get the Cookie Butter with Captain Crunch cereal mixed in. I can’t give it up… it’s just too good!!!!! Price-wise, it’s more expensive than a single scoop at your local Baskin Robbins or Thrifty’s, but the texture is so creamy and uGH, TO DIE FOR.

A newer location opened up in Beverly Hills near Urth Caffe so I guess it’s a relief I can just drive 26 miles out there… instead 100 miles round trip (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ This is one of my highly recommended visits… don’t let the 626 kids tell you it’s overhyped! VALLEY KIDS NEED THIS.