mmm, that’s a french ass… toast

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This scrumdiddlyumptious brunch is from the holy grail of brunch spots, Blu Jam cafe. My mouth (and eyes) are watering from just looking at this picture again hahaha.

Pictured above are the Eggwich ($12.95), the Blu Jam Benedict ($13.95), and the Crunchy French Toast ($13.95). While yes, it’s pretty pricey– IT’S. SO. DAMN. GOOD. Blu Jam gets really packed the closer you get to noon, but isn’t surprising, considering how popular it is and how good the quality of food is. The crunchy french toast is to die for. Literally. I want to be buried with this breakfast food, ok. It’s covered in cereal flakes, topped with berries, and you get to dip it in a vanilla bean syrup… UGHHHH YESSSSSSSSS.

While it’s on the more expensive side, I would definitely go here if you want a brunch with amazing food~

don’t want none unless u got buns, hun

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These yummy looking buns are from ktown’s The Bun Shop. Pictured above are the pork belly, kalbi, and the shop fries (garlic and rosemary). I personally liked the kalbi bun more than the pork belly mostly because it came with an onion ring, whereas the pork belly came with cucumbers AND I HATE CUCUMBERS. But it’s cool, I picked them out and it was still good LOLOL.

The buns are normally priced at $5 each but if you come during their Happy Hour, the buns are only $2.50 each. Happy Hour is Monday to Friday from 4-7pm, and Thursday to Saturday from 10pm-12am. They were actually so good but from what I could remember, I couldn’t even finish my third and ended up taking it home. It’s one of those foods that you think you should get more because they’re so small, but you really don’t need to… but if you want to take some home during happy hour you definitely should!

I’d definitely come back 🙂 But still have yet to~

cafe maji •ᴥ•

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This quaint cafe called Cafe Maji is located on Duarte St. in Arcadia~ It’s more of a small dessert place to visit than if you’ve got a real appetite. The drinks range from $3-$4, with the waffles and sandwiches ranging from $6-9. The drinks pictured are: the Strawberry Lemonade and the White Peach black tea and the waffle is simply called the Strawberry waffle. Each drink also comes with a free cream puff!

It’s generally very quiet at Cafe Maji as it is located on the upper level of a gym building. It’s certainly not uncommon to see a bunch of older Asian women practicing dance/ballet in the adjoining room, but it’s still very quiet and a peaceful place to study or hang out. It’s super aesthetic and the workers are very courteous and polite.

It’s honestly not something I’d recommend you take the trip for, but if you’re in the area (say… the Huntington Library *wink wink*) definitely pay it a visit!

ice cream is my religion.


Literally. I’m gonna have to break the news to my mom soon, telling her I’m converting from Catholicism… haha, I’m kidding (not really).

Afters ice cream located in Chino Hills was the victim of one of my past ice cream rendezvous. Afters is widely popular on Instagram due to the exposure it’s gotten from many fashion bloggers and professional foodies, but that doesn’t mean it falls short of quality because of all the hype.

Afters ice cream is the original creator of the milky bun–ice cream inside a glazed donut that I hear tastes just like a Krispy Kreme donut! While I did not have the appetite large enough to try one of those bad boys, when they open their new location in Rowland Heights, YOU BET I’LL BE THERE TO TRY IT. When I visited, I got the Jasmine milk tea (pictured) and the Cookie Butter scoop beneath that one. But honestly, all the flavors were so good, I would’ve gotten a scoop of each to-go if it didn’t make me look like such a fattie. Katrina got the Cookie Monster, which was also really good and very ~aesthetic~. Another very popular flavor is the Milk and Cereal. But really… I’m so set on getting that milky bun next time.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.05.28 PM.png

Courtesy of @katrinaolivia’s Instagram.

While yes, I got a double scoop, that only cost me about $6– a single scoop only costing $3.50. For an ice cream connoisseur like myself, that’s a totally reasonable price (I’ve paid $7 for one scoop at Creamistry…). The employees working there were totally patient even though the line was way out the door, and I wanted to sample like literally every flavor.

And another little plus… the Holy Trinity was working… aka… the three guys working the scooping area were so damn cute ok bye with my thirsty ass BYE

*P.S. When the Rowland Heights location opens, that’ll be the closest to all us SFV inhabitants 🙂

Rooftop brunch in a greenhouse? Down.

Last weekend in the midst of prepping for finals week, being sick, and finally having a day off from work, I had the opportunity to finally visit the Commissary at the Line Hotel for brunch. I had looked into rooftop brunches in the past before–someday hoping to attain that perfect Saturday brunch with mimosa in hand picture… but I guess that’ll have to wait until I’m 21. The Line Hotel is located in the heart of LA’s Koreatown on Wilshire Blvd. It’s a popular place for today’s trendy Asian fashion bloggers (EllenVLora, Flamcis, Dumbfoundead, etc.) to socialize at night with other fellow ~trendy asians~.

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more nitrogen ice cream!!!

For someone who claims to be lactose intolerant, I sure do eat a lot of ice cream ( ̄。 ̄)~zzzAnywhooooo, these lovely creations are from another liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor called Ice Cream Lab. Fortunately there are many different locations! They have locations in Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and in Little Tokyo.

On the left, I purchased the Blue Velvet ice cream which is essentially vanilla bean ice cream with chunks of blue velvet cupcake and cream cheese topping mixed into it. On the right, I purchased the salted caramel which had bits of pretzel and salted caramel mixed in, with a pretzel to top it off. Both were suuuuper creamy since it was made with cream (how redundant…) and the liquid nitrogen. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just not the same after trying liquid nitrogen-made ice cream. The texture is just to die for, ugh.

The sizes I got are considered a medium and they really do pack it in, so if you’re coming on a full stomach and you want to try it, I recommend sharing with someone. It’s so rich that you might get full faster, but it’s definitely one of my favorite places to get ice cream… next to Creamistry, of course.

So there were three twins– wait what?

Another ice cream post, because frankly, you can never have enough ice cream. I had never really heard about Three Twins Ice Cream before, but Diane and I had made plans to hang out… but with no secure destination in mind. With my handy-dandy friend, Yelp, we found this place. Located on Main Street in Santa Monica, Three Twins is smack dab in the middle of the block, but no worries there was lots of street parking when we went (but we went in the middle of the day, mind you).

Three Twins is famous for their Lemon Cookie ice cream and I was super excited to try it but they were unfortunately out. We both settled on a raspberry sorbet… which says a lot because you’ll never find me getting a sorbet. I got my scoop in a funfetti cone (literally like those funfetti cupcakes we all used to make in middle school) and it was actually so good. I do plan on returning sometime soon to try the Lemon Cookie though!

For those aesthetic/mural Instagrammers, this super cool Buddha mural is located directly across the street on the side of an acupuncture/massage parlor. The mural is literally in the midst of a parking lot, so you may get a few weird looks– but if it’s for the ‘gram, who cares?! After you’ve snapped your pics, take a stroll down Main St., it’s super chill and you’ll rub elbows with a few scurrying businessman, but for the most part, it’s another quick ice cream run~

konnichiwa ≧◡≦

Little Tokyo, located in downtown LA, has become one of my favorite places to bring friends when we’re in the mood for some bomb green tea ice cream and freshly made mochi. While I mostly go for the green tea ice cream and mochi, there’s a bunch of other attractions here. There’s great ramen, the Japanese American National Museum, and a cool thrift shop located on the back side of Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo is literally one block of all things Japanese. It’s not as big as Chinatown or Koreatown but I think the quaint plaza is just enough. The Japanese American National Museum is super interesting and you can even get in free on every third Thursday of each month. Outside, there’s this super cool, mirrored Rubix cube– great for some not-so-basic mirror selfies. My friend loves going to Mr. Ramen but I have yet to try it myself!

Not to mention, they have those amazingly delicious green tea Kit Kats, so why not?!

There is now a parking structure to park in, rather than parking in those $8 flat rate lots even though you’ll be in Little Tokyo for a max of 2 hours. You can always try to find parking on the street, but it’s often pretty busy and you don’t want to worry about your meter running out. The ice cream shop and other restaurants in the Little Tokyo plaza will validate your parking structure ticket for you too, so no worries!

It’s definitely a fun little adventure away from the typical Urth Caffe or Americana/the Grove outing~

큰 쌀

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I’ve recently been looking for a place to get legitimate Korean food that wasn’t tofu soup or kbbq and my friend Vivian proposed we visit this place! Upon entering, it wasn’t too crowded and it was just a quaint place to grab a bite to eat. They play KPOP videos on the wall with a projector which was kinda cool to have something to watch and listen to as we dined.

It’s located in Temple City, in the 626. It’s in a huge plaza which makes parking a lot easier.

We ordered the Korean ramyun, the bulgogi roll, kimchi fried rice, spicy rice cakes, and fried chicken (not pictured). The main reason for visiting this particular Korean restaurant was for their ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes). I’ve been wanting to try it even though I’m not very fond of spicy food. I don’t really like/eat kimchi but the kimchi fried rice was enough for my white girl taste buds to handle! The not-pictured fried chicken was my favorite dish of all, it was so good without tasting too greasy. I found all the food to be surprisingly good, considering how cheap the price was. We all ended up only paying around $15 for all that food and we were beyond stuffed after.

I’d definitely recommend it if you’re interested in trying some Korean food 🙂

Did someone say ‘Creamistry’?!

Followers of my Instagram already know that my love for ice cream literally knows no limits. None. Especially this ice cream shop in particular. Creamistry, at least the one I visited, is located 50 miles out from the SFV in the city of Rowland Heights. I had only heard a couple things about Creamistry, none particularly good nor bad, but I figured it was worth a try. Creamistry uses liquid nitrogen in order to make their ice cream and attracts quite the crowd in the evening until their late closing hours.

I’ve visited about 2-3 times now and every single time, I get the Cookie Butter with Captain Crunch cereal mixed in. I can’t give it up… it’s just too good!!!!! Price-wise, it’s more expensive than a single scoop at your local Baskin Robbins or Thrifty’s, but the texture is so creamy and uGH, TO DIE FOR.

A newer location opened up in Beverly Hills near Urth Caffe so I guess it’s a relief I can just drive 26 miles out there… instead 100 miles round trip (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ This is one of my highly recommended visits… don’t let the 626 kids tell you it’s overhyped! VALLEY KIDS NEED THIS.