God bless, Chelo Creamery. This wonderful creation was concocted by a new creamery out in Rowland Heights. Each Chelo Roll creation is around $6.50. This one is called the Good-Zooky, consisting of green tea matcha, red bean, and mochi. There are a variety of other flavors, one of which I want to try next time that’s made up of Dragonfruit, Jackfruit, and Chia Seeds; another that is strawberry and cheesecake; and another that is chocolate and oreos!

What sets Chelo apart is that the ice cream is formed into rolls. To make said rolls, they use a liquid form of the ice cream flavor and pour it onto a frozen coldstone. And you can watch this video to watch the magic that is Chelo ice cream (I really thought I could import the video but I was wrong LOL).

The consistency is super creamy and doesn’t melt as fast as you would assume it does. I’ll definitely be back to try more of the flavors 🙂

Can you keep a (Coldstone) secret?

If you guys follow me on snapchat, you already know that I’ve been working at Coldstone Creamery for quite a while–and in my time there, I’ve learned about and concocted a few delicious signature creations not on the official menu. So really… you’re welcome 😉

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Tpumps is my religion.

As many of you may know, I am self-proclaimed boba queen. I probably spend about $15 a week on boba. But damn, if this place was in the valley, goodbye life savings, hello lifetime supply of Tpumps. Located on Lake Ave. in Pasadena, Tpumps is in the midst of a makeshift strip mall.

No matter what I say about Tpumps, it won’t do it justice. You just have to go and try it. If you’re not much of a milk tea kind of person, fret not! You can get any flavor with a green or black tea base if milk isn’t your thing. They usually have flavor combinations for you to sample in case you don’t know what you want. But they also have a board of the Top 10 Fan Favorites. I personally love the Hawaiian POG, the Hi-Chew, and the Tropical Trio. But pictured above are flavors that were recommended to me by the workers.

Honestly, just trust them. I love Tpumps and wish I could take all my fellow boba enthusiasts on a bus trip there with me, but alas, I cannot. Sooooo I recommend you just try it yourself! There is a lot you can park in but there’s never any parking so I just pay like .25 to park on the street for 15 minutes. They’re usually super fast so you usually don’t have to put too much change, but if the line looks long, put some extra change just in case!

If you go……………………………….. bring some back for me (y)

Boiling Point til I die!11!1!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

But really…

I live for Boiling Point.

I even considered adding four of exactly the same picture angled the exact same way from different days to prove how often I will take the drive to get it.

Boiling Point, located in Pasadena (the newest location), Arcadia, and Rowland Heights are the main locations I’ll visit, but the taste is just as good at every location. The Pasadena location has a lot better customer service than the other two, mostly because they get more diverse people coming in (rather than only Asians visiting the other two).

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oiiiiiii… that’s güd

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

My mouth is watering just thinking about this one. My favorite lunch/dinner spot/taking it to-go so I can sit in front of Netflix in my pajamas meal, Oi Asian Fusion. Oi is exactly what the name implies, asian fusion food. A lot of the entree options are inspired by popular Filipino, Japanese, Korean, etc. foods. Pictured above are two Pork Belly and Umami Gravy bowls, one Bibimbap, and Dynamite fries (sweet potato fries with a spicy sauce–I think it’s spicy mayo but idek).

My personal favorite and go-to is the Pork Belly and Umami Gravy… with the gravy on the side. The slices of pork belly are super tender and taste so good when dipped into the sauce… the meat is very fatty though, so if you feel an artery blockage coming on… don’t say you haven’t been warned. Nonetheless, I’m hooked and can’t be bothered to try anything else. During my first visit, I tried the Tapsilog bowl which was angus beef and a fried egg over garlic fried rice. It was good but something I could probably ask my mom to whip up someday.

Each bowl ranges around $7-9 but it’s definitely more than enough food to fill you up. This place does also serve buns for about $3-4 and they’re not too bad either! Oi is located near the Topanga mall along Canoga. Oi is definitely a hidden gem in the valley and it’s a shame it isn’t located closer to CSUN because they’d get soooo much business, but given it’s location, it’s still very busy.

It’s one of my favorite places to eat… EVER, and I actually do frequent the restaurant at least once a week, if not, every other week. I always want to introduce my friends to it because it’s just so good, the whole world has to know.

And hey, it’s even popular enough that two members of the 1975 were spotted there… so if that doesn’t say trendy, idk what does.

mmm, that’s a french ass… toast

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

This scrumdiddlyumptious brunch is from the holy grail of brunch spots, Blu Jam cafe. My mouth (and eyes) are watering from just looking at this picture again hahaha.

Pictured above are the Eggwich ($12.95), the Blu Jam Benedict ($13.95), and the Crunchy French Toast ($13.95). While yes, it’s pretty pricey– IT’S. SO. DAMN. GOOD. Blu Jam gets really packed the closer you get to noon, but isn’t surprising, considering how popular it is and how good the quality of food is. The crunchy french toast is to die for. Literally. I want to be buried with this breakfast food, ok. It’s covered in cereal flakes, topped with berries, and you get to dip it in a vanilla bean syrup… UGHHHH YESSSSSSSSS.

While it’s on the more expensive side, I would definitely go here if you want a brunch with amazing food~