Jim Morrison cave


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This super cool place is located up Corral Canyon in Malibu, called Jim Morrison’s cave. Rumored to be where Jim Morrison, of the Doors, spent a lot of his time writing songs to get away from crazy ol’ LA, this cave has garnered a lot of recent attention.

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Eat This Cafe located in West Hollywood was the most recent victim of my ‘do it for the blog’ endeavors~ The cafe that’s been receiving a lot of PR lately for it’s scrumptious looking eggs benedict, but the cafe itself is located on a corner, and it’s not particularly spacious inside.

However, it didn’t take long for us to get seated. We literally walked in and they were cleaning up a table for us. We ordered the Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict ($15.50), the Buttermilk Pancakes ($11.00), the Avocado Toast ($8.00), the seasonal fruit ($4.00), and the Home Fries ($4.00)(which are basically just potatoes).

Mariah loved the pancakes and I personally really loved the avocado toast. I honestly didn’t really find the crab cakes eggs benedict to my liking, mostly because the more I ate it, the fishier it tasted and I don’t like fish. Besides that, everything else was good! I just ended up eating only the egg for the second crab cake HAHAHA. It was pretty busy but I never really saw anyone waiting around for a particularly long time. It was also funny because when we took pictures of the food, no one even gave a passing glance… it must be a common thing HAHA.

I think I’ll come back again and try one of the paninis 🙂

These photo spots were located right next to the cafe and across the street~

cause I know when that hotline bling…


This trendy photo spot is located near the Little Tokyo strip mall in a nearby plaza called Weller Court. It’s literally a hallway open to the public. If you’re walking from the American Apparel, with the AA store to your right, continue walking down the street, cross the street, and pass the entrance to the parking structure, and voila you’re there 🙂

The hallway lights continually change color so if you’re waiting for that Hotline Bling red, just wait for it… literally just wait. It’s been gaining a lot of PR lately, so don’t be surprised if you bump into fellow instagrammers trying to snap a good pic. Kendrick and I went at like 10PM when the mall was closed and there were couples trying to get pictures too HAHA

Definitely give it a passing glance if you’re in the area AND GO TRY THE DELICIOUS MOCHI AT LITTLE TOKYO OK

cafe maji •ᴥ•

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This quaint cafe called Cafe Maji is located on Duarte St. in Arcadia~ It’s more of a small dessert place to visit than if you’ve got a real appetite. The drinks range from $3-$4, with the waffles and sandwiches ranging from $6-9. The drinks pictured are: the Strawberry Lemonade and the White Peach black tea and the waffle is simply called the Strawberry waffle. Each drink also comes with a free cream puff!

It’s generally very quiet at Cafe Maji as it is located on the upper level of a gym building. It’s certainly not uncommon to see a bunch of older Asian women practicing dance/ballet in the adjoining room, but it’s still very quiet and a peaceful place to study or hang out. It’s super aesthetic and the workers are very courteous and polite.

It’s honestly not something I’d recommend you take the trip for, but if you’re in the area (say… the Huntington Library *wink wink*) definitely pay it a visit!

the Huntington Library

This beautiful place is called the Huntington Library located in San Marino county (very close to Arcadia). The Huntington Library is comprised of many different gardens, each with a distinct feel. This particular garden, the Japanese garden just so happened to be my favorite so that’s where most of my pictures were taken. The entire area is so beautiful it honestly might be my future wedding location… not even kidding.

General admission is $23 on weekdays and $25 on weekends, with a student ID, weekday admission is $19 and weekends is $21 SO BRING AN ID. If you go on the first Thursday of every month and get tickets in advance, you can go for free!

I highly recommend visiting this place if you just wanna have a cute, quiet, relaxing day. Honestly, words can’t describe it’s beauty and the positive, relaxing vibe you get from this place. You just have to experience it yourself! You can also bring food into the garden so you can save money and enjoy a quaint picnic.

Rooftop brunch in a greenhouse? Down.

Last weekend in the midst of prepping for finals week, being sick, and finally having a day off from work, I had the opportunity to finally visit the Commissary at the Line Hotel for brunch. I had looked into rooftop brunches in the past before–someday hoping to attain that perfect Saturday brunch with mimosa in hand picture… but I guess that’ll have to wait until I’m 21. The Line Hotel is located in the heart of LA’s Koreatown on Wilshire Blvd. It’s a popular place for today’s trendy Asian fashion bloggers (EllenVLora, Flamcis, Dumbfoundead, etc.) to socialize at night with other fellow ~trendy asians~.

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the last bookstore

There are so many things to say about this place. For one, it’s every easily-aesthetically-pleased persons dream. From the moment you walk in, there’s just a different air about this place that kind of takes you aback. It was bustling full of people but it never got so obnoxiously loud you were shooting glares at others. There was just a lot of appreciation amongst the masses for this particular bookstore.

The last bookstore has cases and cases and aisles and aisles of every kind of book you’re looking for… or not looking for, you’d be surprised. It’s not only a bookstore; upstairs there are art galleries, and while they are only open certain times during the week/day, you can take a quick look at what each artist is working on or has created.

Honestly, I can’t even put it into words. It’s just something you have to experience yourself! Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

The only downside is that parking is a beeeeeeeeeeeetch. It is downtown LA, so what can you expect? The Last Bookstore is located on the corner of Spring St., where they normally get a lot of traffic anyway, so opt to park in a lot nearby or you can attempt meter parking! Emilie and I parked in a lot a few blocks away for about $6 for the whole night which wasn’t too bad. The only sketchy thing was the walk back because it was dark and we were just two dainty girls speed walking through the streets of downtown LA. It was sketch, but we’re alive and we made it. Ahhhhh, that’s the beauty of living in LA, isn’t it? Hehe.