Blutusk ❅


The popularized Asian dessert has finally hit LA!

The famous J-shaped ice cream that has graced aesthetic tumblr blogs is finally available right here in LA! It’s located in a small plaza in Sawtelle with a parking garage, so parking is a breeze for this one!

Originating mostly in South Korea in the Insadong district, it’s definitely a dessert I wanted to try if I were to ever pay SK a visit, but now I can cross that off my bucket list. I’ve tried it as well at the 626 Night Market, though, I found it to taste more cereal-like back then.

For about $3.50, you can get the J-Shaped ice cream with a choice between vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Aside from that, it comes with it’s own toppings depending on the flavor you get. The ice cream does make it’s way inside, so don’t take your time too much when eating it. The cone is a corn “tusk” and isn’t too strong nor hard, but definitely not the cereal consistency I experienced at the night market.

I personally would not recommend going out of your way for this, unless you want it for the cute picture, otherwise there are plenty of other dessert places if you want something more filling. It’s a cute snack and I’m satisfied I at least got to try it!

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