┌Yellow House Cafe┛


Yet another extremely overdue foodie post…

Another gem in Koreatown, Yellow House Cafe is a quaint Korean restaurant. Like very many other places in ktown, you can try finding street parking yourself or you can pay $2 to get it valeted (I always opt for the valet. Ain’t no one got time to be looking for parking when you hungry).

Vivian and I ordered the BBQ Pork over Rice ($10.95), Cheese Ddeokbeokki (rice cakes) ($10.95), Garlic French Fries ($7.95), Strawberry Lemonade ($5.95), and a Strawberry Italian Soda ($5.95). Overall, the food was good, I especially liked the Cheese ddeokbeokki! I can’t handle spicy food but it was mild and cheesy enough for me to handle. I’ll definitely have to pass on the garlic french fries next time because it turned to be like normal fries with cloves on garlic on top… Potato Corner would’ve been a better option in that case HAHA. Otherwise, everything was good and the portions were larger than we imagined!

It’s a nice alternative if you’re not in the area for a place like Big Rice in Alhambra, and you’re really craving Korean food. I have heard that if you come at night, you can make s’mores at your very own table, so I’m definitely going to have to come back and try that!

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