A Valley Kid’s Guide to: Dessert

First off, I’d like to formally apologize for neglecting this blog as long as I did BUT here’s a sweet treat for you all. I mentioned before that I wanted to do a sort of Valley Kid’s Guide series pertaining to where you can get certain types of food in the San Fernando Valley. This is meant for those who still want to go out with friends but don’t want to drive too far 🙂



I will be listing off locations, price ranges, and what I usually get at these places.


Coldstone Creamery

Coldstone is a lot more casual for valley kids, located on Plummer between Corbin and Tampa. If you’re watching a movie at the Northridge mall or just shopping around, Coldstone is less than 2 minutes away. Prices range from $5-$7 depending what size you get, but trust me, a Like It size is more than enough for me. My usual go-to’s are All Lovin No Oven (cake batter ice cream, cookie dough, fudge, and whipped cream), Cinnamon Toast Crunch (vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, caramel, and waffle cone pieces), or the Strawberry Shortcake (sweet cream ice cream, strawberries, graham cracker, yellow cake, and whipped cream).

Sweet Snow


When Sweet Snow first opened up 3 years ago, I was probably there at least twice a week. I fell in love with the Green Tea snow, a middle ground between shaved ice and ice cream. Sweet Snow is located along Reseda Blvd between Vincennes and Plummer. A regular sized sweet snow usually ranges from $4-$5. The regular is $3.50 and the large is $5 and each topping is .50. The drizzle is free and there are a variety of options! I usually go for: Green Tea snow with condensed milk and strawberries, Green Tea snow with condensed milk, yogurt chips, and strawberries, OR Green Tea snow with condensed milk, fruity pebbles, and yogurt chips. LOOK FOR ME ON THE PHOTO WALL! I’VE BEEN ON THERE IN THE SAME SPOT FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS! #sweetsnowregular

Get Shaved


Photo courtesy of @kendrickbalba. Get Shaved was my SHIT in high school, located on Reseda and Devonshire, it was the closest thing GHCHS kids had to something cooler than Menchies. I could probably say Get Shaved was where my foodie lusts began. I remember back in the day when a UFO (the smallest size) cost me like $3… it’s probably up to $5 by now LOL. I don’t frequent it as often but it’s definitely a valley kid go-to on a hot, summer day. My go-to was always the Monkey Brains: vanilla ice cream, condensed milk with strawberry and banana flavoring. They have a menu of their top 10 most popular items, but for my own preference, I will like anything that has condensed milk on it hehe.


Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

A more recent addition to the valley’s dessert options located on Reseda and Nordhoff. Cream was super hyped up when it first opened and has since died down. It’s no Diddy Riese but if you’re looking for an ice cream sandwich fix, you’ll find it here. Cream sandwiches range around $5 depending what you get. They have a variety of cookie flavors including Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, M&M, Double Chocolate, etc. My go-to is Red Velvet cookies, green tea ice cream, fruity pebbles, and mini marshmallows.



Owl’s is the closest the valley will ever get to After’s ice cream in the 626. Owl’s, located in Porter Ranch on Rinaldi, is famous for their panini ice cream sandwiches although their ice cream + froyo options are equally as good. A panini is about $5 and ice creams in general begin around $3.65. My go-to panini is the Revolution: chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, brownie, and chocolate crunch. They have a huge range of ice cream and they change the flavors pretty frequently. I really love the Kit Kat ice cream and the vanilla froyo! Compared to other ice cream shops, Owl’s also has a wide variety of sorbets–ideal for the lactose intolerant LOL. There’s also plenty of seating so you can sit around for hours chatting, if that’s your thing.


Dare I say it, but Wanderlust Creamery located on Reseda and Ventura Blvd. may be the closest thing the valley has to ~gourmet~ ice cream. Wanderlust only opened fairly recently but they have a great rep for their great tasting ice cream. Their ice cream is no Baskin Robbins however, so be prepared to be thrown off by some intricate names. All their ice cream is made fresh in store and you can taste the quality. But as so, the ice cream is generally more expensive. Two scoops in a cone comes out to be around $7. My favorite flavors have to be: Abuelita’s Malt Crunch, Honey Lavender, and the Matcha. There are many other flavors but I always end up getting these 3 in any double scoop I attempt. This location is also incredibly aesthetic so if you’re looking to step up your Instagram game… start here 😉


  • Bounce Boba Loft
    • Located on Reseda and Plummer. A common hangout spot for college and high school kids. Drinks are usually less than $4. My go-to is the jasmine green milk tea with mini boba, or the white peach green tea with honey boba.
  • Bon Bon Tea House
    • Located on Reseda and Lurline. Everyone who got sick of Bounce, went here. Opening only two or so years ago, they’ve largely become one of the biggest spots in the valley, even earning a spot on SoCal’s best places to get boba list. Drinks are usually around $4-$5. My go-to is the classic milk tea with honey boba and pudding, or the kiwi peach green tea with lychee jelly and honey boba.
  • Sloan’s Ice Cream
    • Located at The Village along Topanga Canyon, it’s like every child’s dream. From candy, to cookies, to fudge, to ice cream– they’ve got it all. However, you get two measly scoops in a cone for $7… I’d rather get Wanderlust. My favorite flavor here was the Mont Blanc though, a vanilla ice cream with white chocolate chunks mixed in.

Happy foodie/dessert hunting!

Comment below what you want me to do the next Valley Kid’s Guide on 🙂

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