Chicken wings… ch-ch-chicken wings

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

You’re in luck! If you were thinking ‘hmmmm, I might want to get some dinner before I try out CottonHi’, well… YOU CAN. In the same plaza as CottonHi, lies KyoChon, a Korean style chicken wing spot. Korean style chicken wings are a lot different than your local Popeyes or Church’s chicken. These chicken wings may be fried and such but they taste a lot better (and make you feel less shitty) than American style chicken wings.

The parking situation is basically the same when it comes to CottonHi, so VALET! KyoChon is located on the corner of the plaza so you won’t miss it. The restaurant is generally pretty small, and so I wouldn’t recommend going with a huge group of people. I’d recommend this for parties of 4, at most.

On the menu, you get a minimum of 8 wings. There are three different sampler options, one without wedges ($8.95), one with ($10.95), and the third option is 15 wings with wedges (ideal if you just want to share, $16.95). You can choose from a variety of flavors: soy, hot, honey, fried, and salsal (chicken strips). I went with the soy, honey, and fried; whereas Katrina and Vivian got two of each. Each flavor was actually really yummy and I couldn’t pick one I liked the least out of my batch (I can’t handle spicy food, so that’s just me). The potato wedges are also very well seasoned and they don’t taste as bland as most potato wedges seem to taste. There are also a variety of dipping sauces you can request for your wings/wedges.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is craving some chicken wings that won’t make you feel like shit! (Sorry, BDubs and Wingstop)

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