Aesthetic galore!

Melrose Ave is the holy grail of trendy spots, especially murals. If you’re coming from Fairfax, you’ll find these particular places if you turn left onto Melrose. The stores on this side of Melrose are a lot more catered to the younger, trendy urban kids–thus explaining why there’s such cool murals over here. You’ll know you’re on the correct side, when you see the Last Kings store. And honestly, just park your car somewhere in the neighborhood and take a stroll if you’re looking to just have an impromptu photoshoot. Everyone in the area is super chill about people taking photos and they’re probably super used to it, so let your inner aesthetic instagrammer out~


These trendy, aesthetic photo spots can be found if you turn right onto Melrose, coming from Fairfax. These murals are located on the more “”””upper”””” Melrose side, with Nasty Gal just down the street from all these. In terms of these murals, you’ll find them just driving up and down the street, it doesn’t take a lot of hard looking. The parking enforcement will probably hunt me down for this, but don’t bother paying meter parking if you’re just gonna take pictures at these walls. Just put your car on hazard, run out, snap a pic and leave. But if you do plan on visiting these all on the same day, then definitely put some coins in the meter. But if you’re just stopping by, I hope I saved you a few cents hehe.

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