Tpumps is my religion.

As many of you may know, I am self-proclaimed boba queen. I probably spend about $15 a week on boba. But damn, if this place was in the valley, goodbye life savings, hello lifetime supply of Tpumps. Located on Lake Ave. in Pasadena, Tpumps is in the midst of a makeshift strip mall.

No matter what I say about Tpumps, it won’t do it justice. You just have to go and try it. If you’re not much of a milk tea kind of person, fret not! You can get any flavor with a green or black tea base if milk isn’t your thing. They usually have flavor combinations for you to sample in case you don’t know what you want. But they also have a board of the Top 10 Fan Favorites. I personally love the Hawaiian POG, the Hi-Chew, and the Tropical Trio. But pictured above are flavors that were recommended to me by the workers.

Honestly, just trust them. I love Tpumps and wish I could take all my fellow boba enthusiasts on a bus trip there with me, but alas, I cannot. Sooooo I recommend you just try it yourself! There is a lot you can park in but there’s never any parking so I just pay like .25 to park on the street for 15 minutes. They’re usually super fast so you usually don’t have to put too much change, but if the line looks long, put some extra change just in case!

If you go……………………………….. bring some back for me (y)

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