cause I know when that hotline bling…


This trendy photo spot is located near the Little Tokyo strip mall in a nearby plaza called Weller Court. It’s literally a hallway open to the public. If you’re walking from the American Apparel, with the AA store to your right, continue walking down the street, cross the street, and pass the entrance to the parking structure, and voila you’re there 🙂

The hallway lights continually change color so if you’re waiting for that Hotline Bling red, just wait for it… literally just wait. It’s been gaining a lot of PR lately, so don’t be surprised if you bump into fellow instagrammers trying to snap a good pic. Kendrick and I went at like 10PM when the mall was closed and there were couples trying to get pictures too HAHA

Definitely give it a passing glance if you’re in the area AND GO TRY THE DELICIOUS MOCHI AT LITTLE TOKYO OK

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