the only way is up… literally.

This quaint little view is known as the Los Liones Trailhead in Pacific Palisades. This trail, all I can say, is alllllllll upwards incline. It’s not hard, you’re literally just climbing inclines for about 3.5 miles to reach the Parker Mesa overlook. Okay… I’m lying, it was hard and I forced us to take so many breaks. But it was so worth it. The paths do get a little narrow so watch your step, but for the most part, if you wanna take it a little slow, do so!

The view was amazing. You had a clear view of both the beach and of the city. We probably spent an hour or so just relaxing at the top, since it didn’t actually take us very long to reach the outlook. Save this hike for a sunny day because you wouldn’t want to miss how great the view looks!

There is also a parking lot that leads right up to the entrance of the trail, but I would recommend packing light–aka your phone and a water bottle.

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