So. Many. Stairs.

This hike was done a while ago but it’s a place I’d definitely recommend paying a visit if 1) you want some cool Instagram pics, 2) you want a kickass workout. It’s called the Murphy’s Ranch Trail, which is supposedly a Nazi sympathizer camp hidden in the mountains of a Brentwood neighborhood. You can go to this awesome page that tells you every single step to get to the trail/compound, because it’s not something I think you’d figure out on your own.

I went on Easter day and it was actually so hot and not particularly crowded on the trail. My brother and I took the stairs down (meaning we’d have to take the stairs on the way up too…) and let me tell you, even just going down the stairs made my legs wobbly. We probably descended about some 6-7 sets of stairs with maybe 100-200 steps each. I have a fear of going down stairs so you can only imagine how slow I was going down those worn, steep steps.

The first thing you’ll encounter is a water tank, pictured in the top left photo. Every time I look through the geotag for this trail, the water tank is covered in different graffiti so it’s always changing and that’s super cool. You pass a couple more graffiti’d water tanks, accidentally take a few wrong turns, and crawl under a mesh fence and you’ve arrived at the graffiti’d house! It was actually super sketch but one of those “yolo, doin’ it for the gram” moments. Getting on the roof was no easy feat (just ask Kendrick, who hoisted me up) but it was definitely super cool.

We spent a lot of time exploring the building which is graffiti’d inside as well (pictured bottom right). They were having a photoshoot inside though so we didn’t get to take a bunch of photos in there. There is also a basement but it reeked of spray paint cans so we opted out… and it looked pretty scary even during the daytime, so no.

THE WALK BACK. OMG. THE STAIRS. THE FRICKIN STAIRS. As far as we knew, there was no other quick way to get back up to the car besides going up the stairs. You could follow the trail that wraps around the mountain but we didn’t wanna get lost since the sun was going down. But oh my, I have never huffed and puffed, sweated, and cussed as much as I did on the climb back up that day. It was a sad sight according to Kendrick, but I made it out alive (barely). I heard they were trying to get rid of the compound but I’m not so sure if that’s been done yet, but if not, I definitely recommend checking it out IF YOU’RE UP FOR THE PHYSICAL CHALLENGE.

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