“Do it for the ‘gram!” she said

HI THERE. Odds are, you were brought here because you are intrigued by my various, other worldly (and by that I mean, outside the San Fernando Valley) food adventures and all other things that makes up my Instagram ~aesthetic~. Or you’re checking up on me because you heard that one weird girl from Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Myspace decided to start a blog … and oh god, what could it be about?

Well, I’ll tell you. I first started adventuring sometime in the junior year of my high school career. It was that exciting time in life when “oh my gosh! So-and-so got their driver’s license!”. And oh, what an exciting time it was. From going down the street to the Menchies that seemed like lightyears away when you had to walk from the school grounds… to the $1.75 ice cream cookie sandwich shop of a treasure chest, known as Diddy Riese in Westwood, there were no boundaries for our inner adventurers. It wasn’t long until everything in the 818 got boring… then, so did everything else in the downtown Los Angeles area. And now the 626 has fallen victim to the swipes of my debit card… and let me just say, ~no ragrets~… not even a single letter.

Have you ever had a day off work, a lazy Sunday, plans to hang out/catch up with a dear friend–but wait, “what should we do today?” plagues the existence of your free day? Been there, done that. It’s a very common struggle for the young adult generation. All this free time, a full tank of gas, with a kick ass passenger–all you need now is a destination. Whether it be a hike, a place to grab lunch/brunch/dinner, your Instagram needs a bit of an aesthetic touch, or you just want to sight-see… Look no further! I gotchu, fam. Come one, come all! I hope you enjoy the future posts to come, and let me know what places you want me to try/post about!


Kayla Balba

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